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  1. Softcore galleries only! Series or mixed pictures of babes, pornstars, teens, supermodels. Beautiful models only please. No type of hardcore, toys or niche galleries.
  2. Quality pictures only! Minimum resolution should be about 400x600 pixels for vertical image. All photos must be sharpened and gamma/color corrected. Professional photos preferable.
  3. A reciprocal link is not required for clean galleries, but if you use any tgp buttons, please insert my banner too.
  4. No type of aggressive ads (eg: pop-ups, auto-bookmarks, diallers promotions, redirects, blind links... etc).
  5. The minimum amount of pictures in a gallery should be 12, and the page should not have too many sponsor banner/text links. Also, a good gallery design is recomended.
  6. Almost all free hosts that allow tgp posting and not insert pop-ups, java scripts in headers are allowed. Of course hosts with minimum ads are preferable.
  7. No Autosubmiters please. (I change some names and parameters of my sibmit.cgi sometimes)

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Softcore galleries only!
If you'll try post any hardcore, lesbians, fat, mature,
bdsm or others - your domain will be banned forever!
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I'm looking for PREFERED SUBMITERS right now.
some samples of your clean softcore galleries.
May be, I will be able give you some stable traffic... :)

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